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Celebritys Mugshots
99 of your favorite Celebrity mugshots

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Even the rich and famous make mistakes and get themselves in trouble. Some are innocent of course, but aren't they fascinating?

Without the aid of fancy lighting, makeup, and wardrobe, these little works of mug shot art--taken at law enforcement agencies nationwide--are the most candid plasticsurgeryid.com photos of celebrities you’ll ever see.

An animated screensaver with 99 of your favorite celebrities and their famous police mugshots, constantly moving across your screen and reaffirming the fact that it's good to be you.

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Celebrity Mugshot Screensaver 2009 includes:

50 Cent
Aiden Quinn
Al Pacino
Amy Fisher
Amy Winehouse
Andy Dick
Anna Nicole Smith
Axl Rose
Bernard Madoff
Bill Gates
Bobby Brown
Carmen Electra
Charles Barklay
Chris Tucker
Christian Slater
Dana Plato
Daniel Baldwin
David Bowie
David Faustino
Dawn Wells
Deion Sanders
Dennis Rodman

Dwayne Dog Chapman
Frank Sinatra
George Carlin
Glenn Campbell
Hayley Joel Osment
Heather Locklear
Heidi Fleiss
Hugh Grant
James Brown
Jane Fonda
Jason Patric
Jay Z
Jeffery Jones
Jesse Jackson
Joe Francis
Joe Frazier
Joey Buttafuoco
Johnny Cash
Josh Brolin
Keifer Sutherland
Kid Rock

Larry King
Leif Garret
Lil Kim
Lindsay Lohan
Macauley Culkin
Marilyn Manson
Matt Dillon
Mel Gibson
Michael Jackson
Michelle Rodriguez
Mickey Rourke
Mike Tyson
Nick Carter
Nick Nolte
Nicole Richie
OJ Simpson
Paris Hilton
Pee Wee Herman
R Kelly
Richie Sambora
Rip Torn
Robert Blake

Robert Downey Jr
Roger Clinton
Rush Limbaugh
Ryan O'Neal
Saddam Hussein
Sean P Diddy Combs
Shia La Beouf
Snoop Dogg
Steve McQueen
Steve O
Tim Allen
Tommy Lee
Vanilla Ice
Vince Sham-Wow
Vince Vaughn
Woody Harrelson
Wynonna Judd

and more...


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